Compare And Contrast Brutus And Antony's Speech

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Antony vs. Brutus Throughout Act Three Scene Two, both Marc Antony and Brutus use rhetoric theme very effectively against the citizens of Rome. Brutus gives the first speech to the citizens and thoroughly explains his reasoning for killing Julius Caesar. He clarifies that he did love Caesar, but slayed him for the good of Rome. After giving his speech, Brutus allows Antony to give his speech as long as he does not blame the conspirators and speaks good of Caesar. Antony reminds the people how great of a leader Caesar was and uses his will to manipulate them. He tears the cloak off his body to show the wrongdoings of the conspirators and makes the citizens feel sorrow. After reading both speeches, Marc Antony’s speech was more effective because he draws in the citizens, persuades them into wanting to kill the conspirators, and makes the citizens feel strong emotion. Antony was very successful in persuading and manipulating the citizens into getting exactly what he wanted. His goal was to turn them against the conspirators …show more content…
Antony’s methods were so persuading that he convinced the citizens into wanting to kill the men who slew Julius Caesar. After reading the will of Caesar and seeing the cloak removed from his dead body, the citizens were shook and felt guilt. They wanted vengeance on the conspirators and quickly wanted to form munity, which they successfully did. In Act III Sc. 2 First Citizen says, “We’ll burn his body in the holy place And with the brands the traitor’s houses. Take up the body” (In. 250-252). The citizens now want to burn the house of Brutus and kill him. Antony’s goal has now been achieved and his use of words has drastically persuaded the people of Rome. Many do believe that Antony’s speech was more effective rhetoric for that exact reason. He was able to completely turn them against their new leader. Marc Antony convinced them into wanting to kill Brutus and the