Compare And Contrast Cats Or Cats

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Dogs or Cats By: Rodrigo.G.P.

Would you prefer to have a dog that you can play with at the park with other friends or a cat that only sits on your sofa and always do what you want if you give him food?
From my childhood until now, I have always liked animal. Over the years, I owned a few dogs but I don’t anymore.
Cats and dogs rank at the top of the most popular pets in the world but I much prefer dogs because they are more fun to play and they always do great company when you feel alone or sad. Differing from each other, cats are part of the feline species and dogs are part of the canine species. Dogs are part or know to be pack animals because you have to take them out two or three times outside per day so they can play or do their businesses; therefore, they require their owners to spend more time with them. Cats on the other side/ hand are referred to as loners because they do their businesses on their own and they don’t really need to go outside to play or meet other cats so technically cats do very well on their own. People prefer dogs instead cats because dogs are more active, faithful and they will always make better company than cats. Cats are mostly moody, sometimes they get mad and scratch you for no reason even though if you are playing with them or being nice but cats sometimes do stupid stuff that makes us laugh a lot like when they try to jump from the sofa to other sofa or when they fallow the red light and hit their head into the wall so is not that bad to have a cat around sometimes but still because these happens once in a while. When we talk about the food or money dogs will make you waist more money, they eat a lot and cats, well they barely eat …they do but sometimes they skip their food and they may not even eat for a few days. When we talk about safety, 90% of the population will prefer dogs because they can take care of the owner or the house when nobody else is in the house. Instead dogs will actually try to attack the person who is trying to hurt or still something from the house. Some dogs are trained to scare the attacker and some others are trained to kill the attacker.