Compare And Contrast Characters Essay

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Teddy Delos Reyes
Mr. Durham
Humanities 205
20 February 2014
A Rose for Emily and The Lottery
William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” and Shirley Jone’s “The Lottery” were both had the same plot. The narration stance, foreshadowing, and suspense were involved on both stories. They portrait the story to prepare the reader to the ending. “A Rose for Emily” contains more straight clues. As of, “The Lottery” has better screening until the very end of the story. Plus, it was a very surprising story that gives an overview on the whole plot. In “A Rose for Emily”, the story was corrupted by emotions and tensions. The main character, Emily, continue to dwell on her family despite of the changing times. Her lifestyle became a symbol of the town’s past and traditions. Having read both of the stories, plenty of similarities was pointed out as well as differences.
The character, Emily in “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, shows that she was stereotype and barely developed. It means, it was widely speak but fixed. Emily was always the stuff of rumors in the town. The town people like to mention Emily which most likely giving a preview of the whole plot. Describing Emily, she was hopeless. She could not stand up after the death of her love ones. She could not pay taxes. It also makes sense that she was petty, greedy, and even do not like to contribute the well-being of the town. She always rely to Colonel Satoris keeping her safe from town. Plus, Emily do not seemed to change throughout the story, but, her physical appearance had change as it ages.
On the other hand, Shirley Jone’s “The lottery”, the story revolves around the towns by carrying out the lottery. The idea of it was that the town people are being mindlessly controlled. At first glance, it seems that the lottery was a developed character and the others are just stereotypes. It was devoted so much on the details of the