Compare And Contrast Cohn And Hemingway

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Compare and Contrast of Cohn, Hemingway, and Fitzgerald Robert Cohn was similar to Fitzgerald and Hemingway because all three of them wrote novels. In The Sun Also Rises Robert travels to America and his novel gets accepted by a fairly good publisher. Also, the three men attended Princeton for a class on writing. Cohn was well known at Princeton for boxing also. The three were very influential writers and sold books that many people liked to read.

Contrasting Cohn and Fitzgerald the two had different styles of writing and choosing about what they wrote about. Fitzgerald was kind of an alcoholic when he lost his first wife, Zelda. Cohn was really only in love with one woman while Fitzgerald married more than one woman. Robert Cohn had a sense of feeling of being different or not good enough affected his writing. Fitzgerald on the other hand, became a prominent figure and had achieved his dream of brilliant success.
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Hemingway was in World War I and Cohn was in the Civil War. Both Hemingway and Cohn migrated to Paris during their writing careers. Cohn wanted to move out of Paris to South America. Hemingway also moved out of Paris and continued his life in the