Compare And Contrast Dubois And Booker T Washington

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Despite having their own mind and soul, slaves were always viewed as a form of property. African Americans were forced to do labor work and had no freedom. The U.S government is willing to to take the blame for imperialism to help people in Philippines, but they would not do the same for African Americans in America because of inequality and racial issues. African Americans were never looked upon to have rights or freedom. But civil right leaders such as Washington and DuBois fought for African Americans and wanted blacks to be treated equally as the whites. U.S government would've never taken the blame for imperialism on African Americans in America because they were never looked upon as humans, just property and slaves. The U.S government believed that African Americans should not be treated equally as whites. They thought blacks didn't deserve an education, good jobs, to be wealthy and all other that kinds of stuff. Since the U.S government treated African Americans unfair and unequal, they would've never apologized and taken the …show more content…
They both wanted the Africans Americans to have jobs and to be educated, but they both had different ways of doing it. I believe that Booker T. Washington's argument is better. Booker T Washington approach is better because because Washington wanted all the African Americans to be educated and to know how to handle jobs and businesses. While DuBois believed that the talented 10th would bring up the African American community. Washington wanted to see African Americans and whites humbly work together and see the country come together as a whole. Washington created schools for blacks to learn about agriculture and businesses so they knew how to work at jobs later on. Washington also created many organization movements for African Americans. This is how Washington's approach is better, he had better ways on handling situations then