Compare And Contrast Eat Your Bugs Essay

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Compare and contrast By conlin whitney

The texts “Eat your bugs” by Miguel Vilar and Laura Allen and “Insect Farmers...” by The Washington Post have both similaritais and difference.a similartie between the two aticles is they both list situations where you will eat bugs.For example, on page one_of “eat your bugs” the text states “then you open the_menu then you see caterpillar soup. Suddenly you don’t feel hungry anymore. Similarly, on page 1 of “of insect farmers” it says bug in your salad no problem.This is similar because they are describing a situation where you will eat bugs.In both cases... they are telling a random situation where would eat bugs

A second similarity is _they are saying bugs are healthy.For example on page of “eat your bugs” the
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Another difference is insect farmers are listing problems with bugs while the other isn’t mentioning problems with bugs. For example on page 3 of “eat your bugs” the text states Bugs can make you big and healthy. In contrast, on page 3 of “insect farmers” it says A wave of illness can knock out a farms supply for weeks. This information differs because eat your bugs is saying a pro of eating bugs and insect farmers are listing a con of bugs.To sum things up...the two articles differ because insect farmers lists the cons of eating bugs while eat your bugs are listing the pros of eating bugs.

In concluesion the two articles “Eat your bugs” and “insect farmers” are very much the same, because they both mention that bugs are healthy for you. However they are different because Insect farmers mentions the problems and issues of eating bugs, and eat your bugs doesn’t mention hardly if at all any problems with eating bugs. So you could say that these articles are very much the same yet they are very