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Online Versus Traditional Education

Lauren Young

School is important no matter how it is accomplished, whether it is an online course or going to a traditional classroom. There is no difference with the learning techniques, except one, there is a teacher and second the students that do their online schooling stare at a computer screen. The way the instructor's grade school work are about the same, and there is the same learning experience as they would going to a classroom or doing online courses. Education is important whether it is online or going to classes, either way a student is able to further their career with both. Both online or traditional schooling may enable a student to become successful by equipping them for a better paying job, better health benefits, and better retirement. When gathering together to go to class or just getting signed on to do school work, an education will always be an education.

With furthering a students education, they all come together in a classroom with multiple students to learn at a specific time and place. The courses the students are experiencing the teacher comes up with. Going to classes there are rules that students need to provide by. The type of instructions at a traditional school is mostly teacher driven. The instructors knowledge in their lectures are on the subject of having the ability to learn. The presentation styles that teachers give are very successful in a traditional classroom. When going to classes some teachers try to make learning fun, and give rewards to keep students coming back for more. Having to do school work online gives students the chance to do their assignments at any time or place, whatever is convenient to their schedule. The schooling done online is private, and the type of instructions given is student driven. The student basically has to be sure that all their assignments are turned in on time, and read the materials the instructor provides. Courses used in online programs depend on the type of technology there is which include; webpages, software programs, which also include blackboards, message boards, chat rooms, webinars, webcasts, Internet research, and social media. There is more of a chance with understanding the learning material in a regular classroom. Students have a better chance with paying attention to a teacher right in front of them.

Face-to-face interactions are involved with traditional schools, which are a favorite to students, who progress collaborative learning styles. Working in groups is fun, yet provide learning ideas from other students. With traditional education, students attend classes in person, have independent study groups with peers, and interact with the instructor, which can be after or during school hours.

Also working in groups give the students a chance to brainstorm their ideas amongst each other. Having a student's effort on their studies, and impersonal skills, clarifying educational goals, acquiring knowledge, and having academic areas influence traditional learning environments positively. Being an independent person is important with online schooling. There is a need to be self-reliant when doing online courses, because there will have to be responsibilities that has to be balanced. Whether there are children at home that need to be taken care of, or a job expected of. Online courses can be difficult because it is being done with little help. Traditional classes and online classes are both equally challenging and there needs to be a large amount of motivation involved. There is a cost to education, but in the end a student would be happy that they are getting that diploma.

An education is not free whether it is done online or going to traditional classes. Students need to make it to class on their scheduled days. So, with traditional education there would have to be a way back and forth to school such as paying for gas in the car, money for bus passes, and paying for parking fees. This is