Compare And Contrast Essay

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Vy Nguyen
AP Comp
December 8, 2014
Vietnam and America There are two places that have had a great impact in my life is Vietnam and America. Vietnam was my homeland, where I grow up and lived for twelve years. Both places seem dramatically different, but they also have identical things such as the rhythm of life is always energetic like a song sometimes tuneful and sometimes vibrant. Two main differences between Vietnam and America are education and life. Vietnam is a countryside area with a lot of bucolic scene which can see almost anywhere. Education has always had a central role in Vietnam. In Vietnam, students have to pay money to go to school, and if not they have to stay home. There are total thirteen subjects in middle school and high school that students have to take are math, English, Vietnamese, physics, chemistry, geography, history, art, music, technology, physical education, neology and civics. Students have five periods per day, and go to school six hours a day. About 90% of students get tutor after school with two or more subjects. For example, if students have school in the morning, they will go to their tutor afterschool at least two hours for one subject. Middle school and high school students are study like machines, and the only day they can relax is Sunday because they still have to go to school on Saturday. In America, students go to school without paying money, and they only have six subjects to take. Compare to high schools and middle schools in Vietnam, there are also a lot of school activities and sports for students to participate in America. Life in America is modern and advanced than in Vietnam. America is a rich country, for example, the main transportation in America are cars, but in Vietnam people travel by auto bikes. People seem really busy with their work and school because they go to work early in the morning, and they get home at night. Vietnam is a countryside so most of Vietnamese are farmers; they wake up and go to work early, but they come home, eat lunch, and take a nap at noon. They usually eat dinner early around seven o’clock and go to bed at eight, right after the dinner. American people eat dinner and go to bed really late but they wake up early. The Vietnamese neighborhood is friendly, whenever a family has a