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Choosing the Right College Education: Online Universities vs. Traditional On Campus Universities
Christy Scott
ENG 121
Instructor: Carolyn Karas
August 20, 2012
Choosing the Right College Education Traditional on campus universities have created a new age of online learning through the use of the Internet. In today’s society, internet allowed online college universities to provide a college education to students in different settings. Many traditional on campus universities operate not only in a classroom, but instead on the Web. Through the use of online education a different form of higher learning has been offered to students worldwide. Online universities offer students the ability to attend college who were once unable to further their education. In today’s society is very important to obtain a degree. With most careers requiring a college degree, attending universities to gain a college education is becoming more popular to many people. With Internet becoming available to many, college education is becoming more wide spread to all groups. Traditional on campus universities are comprised of buildings and grounds combined with both students and faculty. Some students live in a dorm room on campus and other students commute to school. Instructors interact with students directly face to face in a classroom environment. Online universities have in recent years been offered as an alternative form of education to students pursuing a college degree. Various state universities and institutions have created departments entirely devoted to online education. This has allowed more students to be able to obtain a college education entirely in an online classroom. Classrooms consist of instructors with reference text on a learning schedule offering often all degrees as a typical traditional on campus university. There are many differences in both traditional on campus and online education. Traditional on campus universities consist of education in which students must actually physically attend a class room setting. This requires the students to provide different means to attend school including working