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In today’s world food is one of the most important factors that contribute to our health. Eating is an activity that we all indulge in and that we as humans do at least two or three times a day. The type of food that we consume determines how healthy our bodies are. We decide what we are going to eat and how it will and is going to affect our bodies. Excessive eating and large portions of fatty foods leads us to diseases such as high blood pressure also known as hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. So, contemplating on what foods are best for you are very important. In today’s society, people rather have processed foods instead of fresh foods. We often choose canned foods because it is easier, it saves time and cuts expensive cost but the consequences of eating processed foods are not taken seriously, so choosing fresh foods will be a better choice for everyone. The reason fresh food is a smarter choice is definitely because it’s grown straight out of the ground. Fresh foods contains no chemicals and the flavor isn’t altered or changed. We actually have a choice on how we want the food to taste after cooking it or while cooking it. We have the advantage of knowing what is in the food that we are eating. Now, when it comes to processed foods, the first thing that comes to everyone’s minds is that the chemicals and additives that are combined into the food. Chemicals are added to hold the foods flavor and majority of the flavor is artificial. The chemicals they put in to the canned foods slightly change the flavor of the original taste and also maybe change the way it looks when you are about to cook it. This puts the health of our body at risk. The chemicals are said to cause some or many diseases. These diseases include cancer, kidney disease and botulism. Botulism is a paralytic caused by the bacteria stored in canned foods. Canned foods eventually lose some of the original fresh food nutrients when they are stored. Another difference would be the nutrients that are kept in processed foods. When the food is picked and processed for sale the nutrients in the food are lost. This is because the process that the processed food goes through before packaging and majority of the time when food is warmed up or over heated the nutrients become nonexistent. This doesn’t happen with the freshly prepared foods, because when we purchase it, it is fresh and we get to choose the way we want to prepare our food. So, the nutrients are still in the food. They have to be packed into tin cans with many conservatives and chemical factors that help extend the shelf life and the constant freshness of the food, but could also become very poisonous and life threatening if consumed often. However, canned foods will expire in a specific time after being bought, so you have a select time frame to eat the food. Therefore, it is dangerous when you do not follow the expired day of all canned foods. Canned foods can could also become toxic