Compare and Contrast Essay

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Rebecca Berger
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October 16, 2014
Mr. Willie James Williams
Assignment #1 – Comparison and Contrast Essay

In this essay I will be comparing the novel Tuesday with Morrie with the movie based on the novel, and the differences between them. First, I will give you some background on the novel so you know what we are talking about. The novel Tuesday with Morrie, is based on a true story by Mitch Albom. It is about his old professor and how he gets ALS and his death becomes imminent. Mitch hears about it and visits Morrie and then will start to visit him every Tuesday just like he used to in college.

When you first start reading the book it talks about in Morrie’s study and how he has a hibiscus plant and its pink petals. In the movie they show a white hibiscus plant instead of the one with pink petals. The white hibiscus in the movie had a small amount of pink coloring on the white petals but the one in the book clearly states it is pink.

The book also says that Mitch and Janine are married. In the movie they are not married. They also have trouble in their relationship, because of Mitch not being ready to settle down just yet. Which makes Mitch and Janine’s arguments about marriage ambivalent. Janine becomes irritated with Mitch’s egotistical behavior and breaks up with him. Mitch had been seeing Morrie every Tuesday, and been talking to him about life and this specific subject. Morrie begins to have an insidious effect on Mitch. Mitch kept trying to beg Janine to come back, he even tried…