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Veronica Hill Hill 1
Ms. Williams
English Comp. 1
8 October 2013 A World of Difference My high school experience is unlike most. I went to Long Beach Junior High through the eighth grade then I was home schooled through tenth grade. I tried to enroll in public schools again and they did not recognize the credits from the home school courses. So I got my G.E.D. and took a certified nursing assistant course. I have been a C.N.A for seventeen years. Even though I did not get to attend classes, I was still a full participate in social and school functions at Long Beach High School. In terms of student behavior, school environment, and teachers who cared, the schools could not have been more different. There was no comparison between the violence at Long Beach and Woodrow Wilson. During my junior high years it was very different than that of Woodrow Wilson High School. I did not have the worries or struggles that the students had. I never had to look over my shoulder to be sure that I was not going to be shot just because of my ethnicity or what side of the tracks I was from. The violence at Long Beach was limited to an individual bases, unlike the violence that surrounded Woodrow Wilson. Those students had to dodge bullets just to get to school, had to dodge them at school, and had to dodge them to get back home. The school environment that I knew again was totally different from the one the Woodrow Wilson students faced. I didn’t have the worry of not having the text books or the materials Hill 2 needed for class. It never crossed my mind that there were and are still schools right here in the United States that do not have the adequate text books for the students. Worse yet they have the text books sitting on a shelf but said that the students were not good enough for those books, they would have to use some old outdated books with pages missing from them. How could the school expect these students to advance or learn anything? There was a similar ethnic diversity at both schools; however, those from a different social and economic background were not fed into a specific group by the school itself. We had groups of kids that called