Compare And Contrast Essay Two Articles On One Subject

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Hannah Burnett
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November 17, 2014

Comparison/Contrast Essay – Two Articles on One Subject

There has been controversy lately over the hyper-sexualization of pop stars. Lauren Duca, who wrote for Huffington Post, wrote on the topic, “Why Have Pop Stars Become So Hyper-Sexualized?” Ann Oldenburg and Arienne Thompson, who wrote for USA Today, also wrote on the topic, “The Norm In Hollywood? Hypersexed.” In the article my Lauren Duca, she talks about how there is a fine line between defending artist and slut-shaming them. The article by Oldenburg and Thompson talks about how the artists are either acting the way that they act because they want to or for survival. In Duca’s article from Huffington Post she relates this issue with the new movie coming out, “Beyond The Lights.” She talks about how there is a side to the pop stars that isn’t publicized. The side that isn’t publicized is the motherly side at home. It’s hard for them to keep up a career and be the mother that they want to be. She talks about the “blueprint” that is made for young female artists. It refers to the way that the artists are turning into brands and have to throw away all sense of self in pursuit of an image. This shouldn’t be the way it has to be. Duca’s stance on this issue is that it’s all about being authentic. That’s what you need to do in order to stay away from the hyper-sexualization. What’s at stake is the reputation of female pop-stars and that they are “sex symbols.” This article had a lot of credibility since the writer uses an actual pop-star as a reference and states what this star has been through and how she feels about the issue. In the article by Oldenburg and Thompson for USA Today, the issue is addressed that almost all of today’s pop stars are in the hyper-sexual category and that the answers to why they do this