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Poverty and Education Poverty is an eternal problem of all nation, it’s not new but not too old to talk with.” Poverty is scaritty, dearth, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money”. It affects every parts of human life and generation, especially that is finance, education and housing. However, people have been trying to fight poverty through their abundant acts mostly by their own education for a better life.

( An example) is the story Waiting in Line at the Drugstore was written by James Thomas Jackson which talk about a black boy with the exertion to be educated by reading books. The boy who dropped out of school since he was thirteen, and he began to work as messenger.#1(at his age), he should go to school every day with his friends instead of working, however, week finances caused his family to not him to go to school anymore. He had to work to assist his family and himself to survive. He usually being looked down by others people because he didn’t receive any education. Education has got him out of poverty that is when he started to read a book, every people around changed their attitude and his life has changed a lot.

( Another story) is “The Cutting of My Long Hair” is the example that shows us how poverty is affected by education. (Because of) poverty, the Indian girl was taken by her mom to a school for Indians where she had bad memories. She experienced harsh rules as soon as the first day at school. For instance, she had to submit such as cutting hair, wearing uniform, eating by formula and more. Not only her, but also many other girls were put in there with their families’ hopes that they could enjoy great education. And they would be raised from poverty with knowledge in the future. People recognized that an education is necessary for their children. Everything happens hasn’t changed her life much but changed a lot on her education.