Compare And Contrast Greece And Rome

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Greece and Rome both began their histories as city-states. However, Rome was easier to unify due to its geography. Greece's mountains and many islands separated by the sea made it difficult to unify the city-states. However, this also made it harder to invade, while Rome was relatively easier to attack. Greece also had the problem with them not extending citizenship to the people of the lands they conquered. This is something which Rome did, and thus they could easier expand their empire and keep the loyalty of the people. Greece was very much unified through force, only after being conquered by the Macedonians. While the Romans didn't intend to create an empire, but merely responded to the threats of from their neighbours. When each new attacker was defeated, they had conquered more land and then had the responsibility of maintaining the control of the new areas. …show more content…
They had the patrician upper class' and the plebeian lower class. Greece had no such concept. However, the Greek's realised that having officials elected by the public would almost always result in the wealthiest citizens being chosen. Therefore they implemented a system of lottery to make it more equal, as any citizen could submit their name. However, who was considered a citizen was very different in Greece from in Rome. Rome was more equal in that aspect from a modern point of view. Greek women were not citizens, Roman women were. Roman women generally had more rights than Greek did. They could do other work than domestic work, they received education, owned property and the upper class women could partake in cultural activities. Though both Greece and Rome had slaves who weren't considered