Compare And Contrast Machiavelli And Love

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Topic #4 Better to be feared than loved

Machiavelli argues that a leader should be both loved feared, but that if you have to pick one, pick fear.Machiavelli favors fear because it's a driving force compared to love which can be broken on a whim. “For love is held by a chain of duty which, since men are bad, they break at every chance of their own profit; but fear is held by a dread of punishment that never fails you.” I personal think Machiavelli is right it's good to be feared and loved but if you had to pick one it would be fear.

Machiavelli favors fear because it's a driving force compared to love which can be broken on a whim.”And that prince who, relying entirely on their promises, has neglected other precautions, is ruined; because friendships that are obtained by payments, and not by greatness or nobility of mind, may indeed be earned, but they are not secured, and in time of need cannot be relied upon; and men have less scruple in offending one who is beloved than one who is feared, for love is preserved by the link of obligation which,
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It's a feeling you largely choose to feel, that you can largely turn on and off easily. Love is fickle. It comes, it goes. Fear is much more predictable and largely externally based. Lovers can fall out easily on a fast downward spiral whim; fear does not wear off if your base character stays the same.I’ve taken the pro side of its better to be feared than loved because it makes more sense to that fear is more driving force than love. I don’t entirely like that it's true but that’s how the world turns. For example after 9/11 people were in fear about another attack so George Bush used that fear to get passed the Patriot Act. Which allowed the government to break anyones rights if they think they're a threat to the country. Which can be abused because all they have to say is that you're a threat and boom you're being spied on and all your info is