Compare And Contrast Music And Music

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Danielle Williams
April 21, 2013
English 0100 LD09
M. Askew
Compare and Contrast Essay
From Old to New
Ever wondered how much style and music changed over the decade? I think about it every day that I leave my house and see the sights that I see. From the half-naked females with crop tops to the guys with their pants below their waist. It’s a huge difference in style of dress now a days whereas in the fifties and sixties people respected themselves and were fully dressed. I actually loved the style of dress in the fifties it was so antique and different and so now I try to mimic those styles and dress unique and simple with a little kick of me.
Music in 2013 has changed tremendously over the years and is greatly decreased lyrically. I thought about the subject and have concluded that I think the ultimate difference between the music now and the music then is not the way you listen to it, but rather the reason why you would either sit and listen to it, or dance to it. It is the way it conveys its message. Music in the 50s probably was better in terms of melody and vocals. They didn't rely on looks and sex appeal as much to appeal to people or sell records, partially because video wasn't really a factor back then like today. Music today also does quite a bit of sampling whereas music in the 50s was more original.
The way people dress now days is a big difference then how style was back in the fifties. It went from loose comfortable fitting material to tight skin gripping clothes. Also, clothing today has more vibrant bright colors instead of dull mild colors. Females wear more revealing clothing, exposing their goodies; whereas, in the fifties they wore clothes that didn’t reveal too much skin. Partying attire is different as well, tight dresses and