Compare And Contrast Napolf Hitler And Napoleon

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Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte, both domineering leaders in history, have numerous similarities. They were accepted as monarchs in a previously democratic society for three major reasons: both countries were hoping for the returning strength of the monarchy, the populace was tired of inflation, civil war, and threats of invasion and both militaries preferred aggressive patriots at their head as opposed to any professional politicians.
What is history? History can be defined as the study of past events of our planet; especially pertaining to humans. A better question is, why don’t some learn from our past? It is obvious that history is constantly occurring; that is, events that have occurred will repeat in the near and distant future. There is simply no answer to the second question, for our species have been making the same mistakes since the dawn of our existence. We, as humans, are greedy people who seek power, control, and glory. The few who gain power often times attempt to take ownership of the areas they control. This has been seen through paramount leaders of our civilization. Two in particular are Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. While each is different in their backgrounds and ideals, their military expeditions and mistakes are one in the same; even if their events took place over a century apart. Each man grew up in different lives than the other. Napoleon grew up in a noble class that enabled him to join the army. Hitler grew up in a

poor home plagued by death of his mother and father. He also had to work to get into the army and serve in World War I. Following World War I, Hitler felt that Germany was treated unfairly by the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty blamed Germany, and stripped it of all its former glory. While they rose to power in different times, their reasons for doing so are fairly similar. Napoleon and Hitler both wanted to be leaders to give their country, what they felt, was rightfully theirs. Each man wanted to expand their country into an empire. Ironically, each man wasn’t actually of direct origin of the country they ruled. Napoleon was born in Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Hitler was born in Austria, Hungry. Napoleon gained power through his hero-status of the war. While Hitler it through his Nazi party, making its way to the political and public eye. Once each man established themselves as leaders, they worked to pull their country out of economic hardship. Napoleon was able to balance France’s money supply, while Hitler got Germany out of the Great Depression. Napoleon sought to control the governments of other countries without necessarily having to invade and destroy them. Hitler, however, sought to extend Germany’s borders as far as he could.