Compare And Contrast Nick Carraway And Jay Gatsby

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Many of the characters in the novel The Great Gatsby are similar to people who impacted
Fitzgerald’s life. He coordinates himself in two of the main characters, Jay Gatsby and Nick
Carraway. He also depicts his wife, Zelda, as Daisy in the novel.
In this first section, I provide the similarity of Fitzgerald and Nick Carraway. The two of them both attended Ivy League Universities (Bio 1). Nick attended Yale University and
Fitzgerald attended Princeton University (Scott 4) (Bio 1). While attending these universities both of them wrote for their school paper (Scott 4) (Bio 1).
Jay Gatsby and Scott Fitzgerald both strived to become successful at a young age (Bio 1).
Though Fitzgerald wasn’t able to accumulate the fame and fortune he had always desired, he was able to experience his dreams through Gatsby (Bio 1). They both dedicated a great amount of their time towards trying to impress their true loves,
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Tom and Daisy’s marriage closely resembled the marriage that Scott and Zelda possessed
(Bio 1). In each relationship at least one of the spouses had an affair resulting in a gap between them (Scott 29). Both of the couples tried to fill this gap with lavish amounts of money and materialistic items (Bio 1).
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Both Jay Gatsby and Scott Fitzgerald have vigorous opinions on alcohol (Bio 1). Gatsby is an antialcoholic while Fitzgerald is the exact opposite (Scott 42). Fitzgerald bickered with the effects of alcohol which was supported to Gatsby’s decision to strain from drinking alcohol (Bio
From reading The Great Gatsby, I learned about Jay Gatsby and researching F. Scott
Fitzgerald I can say they had a strong influence on the readers. To conclude, both Jay Gatsby and
Scott Fitzgerald were very much alike. They each wanted to marry their true loves and had lots of money. Gatsby wasn’t successful in marrying his true love while Fitzgerald did. However they both had luxurious