Compare and Contrast of Abortion Essay

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Assignment #1

I go to Wal-Mart every other Friday because I save money on everyday items. I routinely make a shopping list and go through weekly paper ad’s and cut out coupons for hygiene items, laundry detergent, and other household items to prepare myself for my shopping trip. I get lowest prices by shopping at Wal-Mart with contributing my coupons; I get the best deal for all of my items. My previous visit there, I bought most items in more quantity and had $2.00 off dove soap and bought a 3 pack which was priced at 3.22, with my coupon I received three dove soaps for $1.22. Which in fact my total savings has always increased each time I’ve been there. Wal-Mart does price match on all items in the store so as I review catalogs for the different stores I compare the prices and Wal-Mart tends to be the lowest price advertised. I also cut out coupons for grocery items which most Wal-Mart’s have now, and get great value pricing on my groceries. It’s very convenient to have to only go to one store for my everyday items I use in life. One of the hardest things in life is approaching a dilemma you have with a relative. My cousin Kelsey whom was my age and a best friend of mine growing up, called me one day hysterical because she had lost her job at Rhode Island Hospital. I felt horrible, because it was such a petty cause and she was jobless with monthly bills. I was currently a medical assistant working at East Providence Urgent Care, where I had talked to my manager after I had gotten off the phone with her and was asking if there was any way we had room for another medical secretary. Gave her a highly recommended referral and persuaded my boss to interview her. After she had interviewed her she stated she could take her on board but part time only which I thought was a start for some type of income. Two days after her interview she had called me and excitingly said “I’m starting tomorrow I’m nervous and excited at the same time”, we further spoke and I saw her the following day at work. She was trained by our Medical Secretary Supervisor, whom had several years of experience, Kelsey began taking notes and as I walked by I could tell she was losing her train of thought, her eyes were wondering off to the floor, to her shoe, to the entrance door. Three days into her training she had told me she no longer wanted to work there because it was too busy and she wasn’t returning to work the following day. I didn’t know how to react nor tell my boss. After everything I had done for her she slapped it in my face. I was furious, and no longer wanted to speak to her. I addressed the situation and explained to her how upset I was with her and I couldn’t believe she had the ordasity to do that to herself and I. She apologized but that was the extent of that, she has avoided the situation and while it’s been well over a year now.

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