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Pursuit of a Date Verses the Pursuit of a Mate: Culture’s View Verses God’s Way
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January 25, 2013
Psychology 101-B32

The word dating is not used in the Bible however it does mention some principles that direct an individual on how to treat one self, one’s body, and the opposite sex. Culture today acts in conjunction with what the Bible calls our sinful nature, or also known as our selfish desires. When culture follows selfish desires it creates a harmful environment and negative consequences that it is forced to either incorporate as new ideas or ignore which can make the problem worsen. The choice to follow God’s way promotes a healthy and mature individual, which when duplicated over and over can better society over all.

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Pursuit of a Date Verses the Pursuit of a Mate
Imagine if you would, a world with little to no STD’s, no children born outside of marriage, and healthier individuals in both their bodies, and their minds. Imagine living in a world where people respect each other, where truth is the norm, and honor, character, and integrity abound in each individual. The culture of our society has a direct opposite view on how it presents dating and mating than what the Holy Bible presents. Our society or worldview is a reflection not just of how different it is of God’s way, but it is a reflection on the truth that we as humans are born into the sinful nature and selfishness is a rampant part of this problem.

A View That Culture Has of Dating and Mating
In many studies, it has been shown, that by following the norms of our culture and society, the dating and mating process endangers an individual’s health through Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) passed by intercourse. (e.g., Peate, I. 2011, Health Protection Agency, (HPA) 2010). Studies such as these, show that STD’s most likely occur between teens and young adults, who choose to have multiple sexual partners before marriage. It seems that today’s culture sees dating as a means of attaining recreational sex, and not as method to truly become familiar with someone. Dating no longer is seen as a channel to find a partner to marry, but instead it is an approach or tactic to meet an immediate need usually of a selfish purpose.
Marriage has become an option when it comes to having children in today’s culture, which unfortunately indicate that many families now have single parents. (England, & Edin, 2007) Many births happen outside of marriage or even committed relationships. (Ventura, Abma, Mosher, & Henshaw, 2009) Often this happens by the motivation of a single woman who desires a child. Furthermore, it may possibly be the result of an intentional absence of a father. The result is that children happen to be raised without a set of involved parents to teach and guide them into becoming well rounded individuals. Large survey’s on families (e.g. Fragile Families and Child Well-Being Study in the United States) search for the reasons why these become choices by unwed parents. Researchers want to understand these choices to find out what effect they have on society’s mental health.
The mental health concerns manifest into problems in individuals who elect to live in such a self-gratifying way. Self-esteem and low respect of oneself may perhaps be a result to making bad choices. Bad choices duplicated many times are capable of leading to severe depression, loss of self-respect, and an attitude that becomes impassive or dissociated emotionally. This becomes obvious when numerous teens and young adults view dating as a axiomatic pastime, trying to outdo each other in how many partners they can acquire. Moreover, a lack of morals or boundaries often leaves room to make decisions based off of peer pressure or social status. Yet, surprisingly, in today’s culture those that choose to wait till after