Compare And Contrast Political Parties

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Political parties are the core of elections and the building blocks of the government. There are two different types of party system which included the Two party system and the Multiparty system. Each have their similarities and differences but the main purpose is to maintain a strong democratic government. The two party system is majority takes all and is usually federalism. While a multiparty system have multiple party competing and the majority compromise with the other party and build a compromise government. The main goal of these two types of system is to establish a strong democracy for the people.
Political party work excellent to mobilize the public. Political party take current events as a mechanism to ensure a vote towards their interest and party. The parties tend to adopt the current events into their agendas. The listen to the people's problems and try to propose solutions or alternatives. The best type of mobilizer is fear. In 2005 the Republican Party used the fear of terrorism to mobilize the voters to vote for George W. Bush second term. With Bush creation of the Department of Homeland Security he made the people feel safer. The fear consumed the people of America and the party implement the War on Terrorism. The party did an excellent job mobilize the people into the voting ballots and to follow their agendas. In the
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One of the functions of a political party is to go out and hunt the next leader. To find specific characteristic a person must possess in order to be the face of the party. Obama was the perfect candidate for the position of president in the eyes of the democratic party. A strong powerful speaker that astonished the audience. Obama was charismatic, educated and great at uniting people. The democratic party recruited Obama and funded his campaign to win the presidency and also the win for the democratic