Compare And Contrast Ranging Bull And Rocky

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Ranging Bull & Rocky

Compare & Contrast Paper. Massan Kende. Germanna Community College.

Ranging Bull & Rocky Boxing, 0ne of sports activities, boxing is a violent game, dangerous acting on the moral and physical health of the person. Boxing , a sport, a game that require a lot of investment. Ranging
Bull (1980) and Rocky (1976), both movies have some similarities in that they are sports movies
In the field of boxing, they are also dominated by money, violence. Beside of their similarities the color, the language used, the organization and the main actors’ character make
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He does not know how to relate to his family when his no longer on the podium. He attributes the same behavior in his family life. The power of dominance it has on the podium, he brought the same power at home.
So he loves money and fortune he has no senses of honesty. Married, he is very jealous man and never trust his wife even his own brother. Jealousy had taken the place of faith in his heart.
Raging Bull & Rocky which increased the rage and aggressiveness in him. The rage, the aggressively, the fact the money he had, he got that without honesty Jake LaMotta did not get to the top, he drop and loose his money and his family. Ranging Bull (1980) was about violence and money in the boxing podium and in the family. But when it is come to talk about Rocky, his another person. Rocky (1976), is color movie, used proper language, it is sport movie in the field of boxing and emotional movie. The organization was easy to follow the story. The story flow through the movie. Rocky Balboa is the main actor. Its very special character makes this interesting movie. Boxing is violent and dangerous game did not affect the personality of
Rocky. When Rocky is not on the podium of boxing, he is another person. He is a man