Compare And Contrast Robin Williams And Marilyn Monroe

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In the acting community, there are many actors and actresses. Most are very well known for a copious amount of reasons. However, two very renowned thespians are both alike and different. These two are Robin Williams and Marilyn Monroe. While both people affected the general public and some diehard fans with their incredible films and TV shows, they did have personal lives including marriages and divorces. Both met the very unfortunate ending of suicide, but have made generous amounts of movies during their eras. These movies were also in different times. Robin Williams and Marilyn Monroe both starred in many movies and shows in their lifetime, but they also were many years apart in terms of when they filmed. Robin Williams was an avid actor. He starred in a myriad of movies but, they were a different time than Marilyn Monroe. He was born in a time later than Marilyn. For example, he starred in movies such as Aladdin (1992), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), and Jumanji (1995) (Robin Williams). These were all in the 90’s which was after Marilyn had passed away. But, on the other hand, his earliest performances …show more content…
Robin was married to Valerie Velardi (June 4, 1978- December 6, 1988), Marsha Garces Williams (June 4, 1978-December 6, 1988), and Susan Schneider (October 22, 2011-August 11, 2014) (Biography of Robin). Robin was married to Susan up till his suicide. On the other hand, Marilyn was married to three spouses also. She was married to James Dougherty (June 19, 1942-September 13, 1946) Joe DiMaggio (January 14, 1954-October 31, 1955), and Arthur Miller (June 29, 1956-January 20, 1961) (Biography of Marilyn). Both thespians were similar in the fact that they both had 3 spouses each but, all of Marilyn’s ended in divorce while Robin’s last one ended because he had passed. Both actors had a great home life with their spouses but, they both did end up committing