Compare And Contrast Rome And China

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Throughout history we have seen many civilizations assert power. Most recognized are China and Rome for their actions. Credited for these actions are the emperors and generals. But when it comes to religious beliefs they are very far apart. When it comes to leaders China and Rome are very similar. Without a strong leader it’s very hard to run your country. In Rome Julius Caesar was one of Rome’s greatest generals. He led his army from Gaul (France) to Rome itself which was illegal and seized control. After doing so he then forced the senate to declare him dictator for life. Just a few years later he was assassinated by members of the senate as he posed a threat to the republic. While in China the first true emperor and great ruler was Shi Huangdi. He established China’s first empire and created the Legalist rule. He expanded his military called Terra Cotta’s and centralized control over China. His most remarkable achievement is building a large section of the Great Wall of China. Religious beliefs are a major problem when it comes to Rome and China. There are multiple religions in China but only one in Rome. Romans were Christians which is a monotheistic religion who believes in Jesus. He is said to be the son of God, the Messiah, and the Savior. They also believe in resurrection, eternal heaven and hell, also that they can be saved by faith. As for China one major religion is Confucianism. They believe in ancestor worship and that humans are good not bad. The code of