Compare And Contrast Starved Out And Life After High School

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Compare and contrast paper

In the stories “starved out” and “life after high school” both main characters in each text display great examples of their similarities and differences. Jayme and Sunny are both similar in giving up when things go wrong. But one thing that sets them apart and makes them different is their lives. (MI1) in both of these stories, Jayme and Sunny have shown that when things go wrong, or bad, they give up on everything. (SD1) as we know, Jayme in this story; “Starved out” is diagnosed with the horrible disease of anorexia. Meaning that she is drastically under weight. Jayme didn’t have the money, or the health care to vover for her health issues. She had given up when nothing else could be done. (EX1) Jayme did not eat her required amount of calories that she needed every day in order to stay healthy. Jayme would only eat about 500 calories, when really, she was required to have 2,800 on the day. This caused her to even continue to lose more and more weight. (EX2) Jayme again shows that she had given up by stating that she isn’t “thing enough” towards the end of the story.(Fox P. 258) pretty much meaning that she just wants to be put out of her misery. (SD2) In “Life after high school” Sunny had also shown signs of giving up after Zachary had ended up committing suicide. Sunny had dropped mostly everything. (EX1) she had dropped most of her school activities. (EX2) She had dropped out of the ballot for prom queen. (SD3) Sunny and Jayme had changed their lives after what had happened to both of them. (EX1) Sunny hadn’t even continued to be a Christian. (EX2) Jayme and her family had completely fallen apart. Sometimes wondering exactly what they did wrong. (MI2) Sunny and Jayme were alike in some ways, but they are also both different, mainly their lives are what sets the two of them apart. (SD1) Sunny was a normal girl that was healthy, unlike Jayme, and was well known around school. She was an intelligent girl that was active in many school activities and ballots. (EX1) Sunny had enrolled in the ballot for becoming prom queen, she was very determined. (EX2) she also wanted to be president of the debate club. (SD2) now, when it comes to Jayme, things are a little different. In the beginning of the text, Jayme’s life is described in a painful way. (EX1) she was crouched on a highway, shivering in a cold that doesn’t exist. She was nauseated, but