Compare And Contrast Stephen King And William Sleator

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Stephen King’s It vs. William Sleator’s “The Elevator”
Every story or text can be related with other texts in their own unique way. Whether that be in context, theme, sentence structure, etc. Actually almost anything can be related in any shape or form. Just like comparing a cat to a dog, they look different but they have the same use which is as a pet or a companion. The book It by Stephen King and the short story “The Elevator” by William Sleator are similar in theme and within craft style use. The book It and the short story “The Elevator” are similar and different in relevance to theme and craft styles.
Both texts share the same idea of facing your fears, no matter how big or small it is. In It by Stephen King, all of the children who
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In It, when George is chasing his boat down the street when he sees a clown in a storm drain he stops and talks to him, while anyone older would know to stay away and that is not okay to talk to a clown in a storm drain and take balloons from him. Therefore saying that children are innocent as children and are vulnerable. In the short story “The Elevator” a theme could be stay on elevators with creepy people. In the text, Martin keeps seeing a strange women who nobody seems to know. When Martin gets on the elevator, she all of the sudden laughs and hits the emergency stop button trapping them both which ends the …show more content…
This is untrue because in the story the exact opposite of this occurs “The door sealed them in; the elevator started up. “Hello Martin,” she said, and laughed, and pushed the Stop button.”(Sleator 31) The readers are left confused about who the fat lady is and how she knows Martin. Whereas in It, the author does not use this craft style at all throughout or within his text.
In ways, the short story “The Elevator” by William Sleator and the book It by Stephen King are the same and different. Many things in life are common and different. Just like how Dinosaurs are more related to avians than they are to reptiles. They look completely different, but their skeletal structure is almost the same but on a much larger scale. Although it may or may not seem like it, objects may be more common or different no matter how much it is