Compare And Contrast The Civil Rights Movement And Harlem Renaissance

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Racial Equality: Past versus Present

The Harlem Renaissance and Black Arts movement contributed to the fight for racial equality and reshaping cultural identity. While many believe equality and reshaping of cultural identity issues have been resolved, others believe they have been modified to look past the indifferences that still exist. By examining the artists, themes of the black arts movement and Harlem Renaissance, individuals are able to compare issues of the past and present by considering prominent figures of both time periods.
The Harlem Renaissance was a rebirth of black cultural identity in the 1920s to mid-1930s. This literary, artistic, and intellectual movement was the first explosion of African American expression, with prominent figures such as Langston Hughes. There are various themes that played an important role in the success of this time period, such as the influence on the experience of slavery emerging African American traditions on black identity, effects of institutional racism, and carrying modern black
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In his song “C.O.P”, artist J-Jon raps about police brutality. The lives of many African Americans have been taken in the last decade due to this injustice. Cases involving innocent African Americans such as Michael Brown, have not been fairly tried due to white supremacy. Officers that have shot, killed, beaten, and raped multiple innocent black individuals receive minimal consequence, whereas blacks are incarcerated for the same issues. “C.O.P” stands for cops of permission, meaning that this badge is more than just a badge. This badge gives those that hold it the right of passage to take lethal action, disobey the laws, and prejudge people of color, with no severe consequence(s). With his song, J-Jon sought to expose the issue for all Americans to hear. He introduces his song by using audio news clips of