Essay about Compare and Contrast the Implements Focusing on Manufacture, Function and Use.

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Compare and contrast the implements focusing on manufacture, function and use.
Both implements are designed for turning food while cooking e.g. frying. The two turners have many similarities one being that they are lightweight making it easier to use and are comfortable safer use for the user this helps to avoid repetitive strain injury is you were to use the product for a long period of time or regular use if you worked within a kitchen. Also the materials in which the products are made out of mean that they are heat resistant which means it is safe to use in a hot saucepan. The materials are also water and chemical resistant and so are good to us while making and preparing the food cross contamination will not occur. The turners are also scratch proof with smooth surfaces which makes cleaning of the product much easier as food cannot get stuck in small areas. It also means that during cooking pieces will not break off into the food, which could be very dangerous to the user and could cause chocking. The turners look to be mass produced especially because of the type of products they are, this means that the production costs are kept low and so are inexpensive products.
The ergonomic features of the two implements shown are that there is a handle which allows extra grip for when the product is in use. Also both have slots on the main flat part of the turner, this is so that oil can drain through and does not build up which would mean it could become unhygienic, it could also affect the flavour of the food and could become dangerous if there was not slots as oil splash could occur.
However there are some differences between the polymer turner and the stainless steel turner, one being that both have different production methods. Turner 1 (polymer) is injection moulded from one piece of materials and so could be seen as more hygienic as there is no place for dirt to build up. The production method for the stainless steel has several different processes one being calendaring which involves thinning the materials – this would be used on the flat stainless steel part, once this is done piercing and blanking cuts out the shape. The handle is also made wood which has been machined in a certain way so that there is easy grip for the user. As more processes are involved and more machinery is required it could mean that the turner is more expensive.…