Compare And Contrast The Other Wes Moore

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Wes Moore says, “The chilling truth is that his story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his.” (180) Throughout the text I was able to see the differences and similarities they had growing up. The first similarity Wes Moore the author talks about is having no father. I think this is a big impact in both and that’s why Moore starts the book explaining why they both don’t have a dad. I believe this because if Wes Moore’s dad wouldn’t have died they wouldn’t have moved to the Bronx were he starts to care less for school and gets into trouble for tagging out in the streets. On the other hand, the Other Wes Moore never had his father because his father chose to not be in his life. If he was to have a dad maybe things would have turned out to be different, because his mom would have had someone helping her. Reading the text, I reflected back to the text Brainology, Carol S, Dweck writes. Dweck claims that there are two type of mindsets, and both Moore’s start with one of the mindsets and fortunately Wes Moore the writer ends up changing his mindset. Growing up in the same environment and having some similarities can make it seem …show more content…
I believe that the text was to show how our decision are the result of our destinies. I also found that making choices is important because if we don’t make them carefully we might not have the opportunity to have another choice. Something that was interesting and caught my attention was when Wes Moore the author emphasizes “...the best we can do is give our young people a chance to make the best decisions possible by providing them with the information and the tools and the support they need.” (179) This statement he makes is true to me because many young men and women don’t have information and the tools, but most important the support of someone being there to guide them to becoming