Compare And Contrast The Populist Party And The Progressive Movement

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From the 1880s to the 1920s, two great forces stimulated the age of reform politics in America. Populists in the late nineteenth century focused on improving the lives of small farmers, and eventually took part in politics to reform the government and put more power in the hands of the people. In the early twentieth century, Progressives sought to better the lives of poor people in America, and enact social and political reform that would decrease corruption in businesses and the government. Although both forces differed on their idea of industries, the two pursued to change the lives of suffering Americans and impacted the nation as it advanced into today’s modern society.
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After the Civil War, American farmers experienced many hardships, such as a lack of available loans, high rates imposed by railroad and silo owners, a growing global market that increased competition, and the crop lien system that caused farmers excessive debt. Since the government did not aid their troubles, farmers established organizations such as The Grange and the Farmers’ Alliances who urged for
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The reforms put in place by these two forces changed the lives of farmers, workers, immigrants, and the poor, and they both worked to reform and bring order to America. The Populist Party, although not achieving their intentional goal and eventually dissolving, brought reforms in politics and put more power in the hands of the people. The Progressive Movement imposed rules and order on the corrupt capitalist system while improving the lives of the less fortunate, and eventually spurred two upcoming presidents who would make progressive ideas part of the national agenda. Both movements called people to action in changing society and the government, and continue to remind Americans in present day of the importance of activism in their