Compare And Contrast The Temperature Patterns In The Southern Hemisphere

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Based on the “Temperature Around The World” activity, the temperatures patterns in the northern hemisphere are the exact opposite of the temperature patterns in the southern hemisphere. The temperatures in the northern hemisphere ranged from 6˚ celsius to 23˚celsius in the month of July, while they ranged from -21˚ to 9˚ in the month of January. On the other hand, the southern hemisphere’s temperatures ranged from -22˚ to 13˚ in the month of July, while it’s temperatures ranged from 0˚ to 23˚ in the month of January. The coldest northern hemisphere location in July was Qannik, Greenland at 6˚, while the coldest southern hemisphere location was McMurdo, Antarctica at -23˚. The coldest location in the southern hemisphere is much colder than the