Compare And Contrast Thoreau And Emerson

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The Awakening of the Female Mind
In the present society, people are acutely aware of their own creativity. Each day, as men and women express their individuality in fields spanning from art to politics, they grasp an understanding of their own consciousness to which their ancestors were not privy. During the mid-1800s, philosophers, including Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Thoreau, began to evaluate their personal experience of life. Their writings sparked a transcendentalist movement which produced drastic changes in how people considered their own minds. For example, in contrast to the patriotic views of many Americans, Emerson claimed that each person should adhere to their own morality above the laws of their government. Thus, when the two are in conflict, the individual has the responsibility to
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These activists refused to believe that they were created to be subordinate to men, even though those around them said they were. Their acts of nonconformity stem from transcendentalist ideals. In his narrative, Walden, Thoreau alludes to a Hindu story of a prince who, after being cast from his palace as a baby and being raised by savages, believed himself to be a savage until a servant from his father’s palace rescued him and told him he was a prince. He states,“[The] soul from the circumstances in which it is placed mistakes its own character, until the truth is revealed to it by some holy teacher, and then it knows itself to be Brahme” (Thoreau, p.774). Today, the equality in opportunity and status that women’s rights activists envisioned has not yet been realized for women across the globe, as many women remain confined to their “separate sphere”. Still, activists like Grimke were truly the holy teachers of equality and individual worth who allowed more women to recognize themselves as