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Mountain and Beach
In general, the popular sightseeing places in which people commonly like to visit are a mountain and a beach. Some people like to go to the mountain, while others prefer to go to the beach. Each setting has different advantages for travelers to make a choice. However, both places make people visiting to gain enjoyable experience in common.
People who like Ocean travel will go by car, train or aircraft. Some would rather go by a ship than go by other transportations. Traveling by the ship serves a longer time-duration, passengers consequently are going to see gorgeously oceanic landscapes. Some agencies provide extraordinary performances on the ship such as party, games, swimming pool, spa, and etcetera. On the contrary, ones loving Ecotourism will make an adventure travel. Traditionally, they go to the mountain by car, bus or train. After reaching a camp area, most of them prefer wandering the forest so as to discover wildlife preservations, natural resources, and conserved trees and local herbs.
Going to the beach, people will feel relaxed approach to the natural features such as wave sounds, blue sky, glorious sunset and sunrise, refresh sea breeze, as well as white beautifully sands along the beach. People going to the mountain are also relaxed with the beautiful landscapes. However, they will enjoy seeing wide-viewed scenario from the top of the mountain, waterfalls, caves, an amount of green leaves tree, birds’ singing, several kinds of wildling…