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Everybody can experience tragedy in their lives. In the story “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter and “The Suitcase Lady” by Christie McLaren both main characters have experienced tragedy. In “On the Sidewalk Bleeding”, a boy named Andy was murdered by someone because of what he wore. In “The Suitcase Lady”, a lady named Vicomtesse Antonia suffered from poverty and became homeless. Although both characters experienced tragedy, Andy ended up dying while Vicomtesse was happy to protect her city.
In “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter, a boy named Andy was stabbed by a person, because Andy is a Royal. This is tragic because when he is down on the street, no one helps him. Also, he is very young and he has someone he loves. This tragedy takes his life and he is unable to experience all the things he wants to do. As he is dying, he wishes that “Someday he would marry Laura. Someday he would marry her, and they would have a lot of kids, and then they would get out of the neighborhood.” This quote shows that he has all these wishes but they cannot come true because someone murdered him. Similarly, in “The Suitcase Lady” by Christie McLaren the lady, called Vicomtesse Antonia also goes through a tragic life. She was very poor throughout her life and her son never thought of her as a mother. Also, she didn’t have enough to eat and often doesn’t have a lot of money to use. She also has trouble finding places to sleep and she says “this week I sleep three hours in four days”. This quote shows how difficult it is for her on the streets. Both these stories have tragic events for the main characters.
In “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter, the boy, Andy experiences tragedy when someone tries to kill him. He is very young when he is stabbed and he does not get to experience all that he wants to experience. This story ends tragically as Andy dies in the end and he is still thought of as a Royal by the police. After he dies, Laura finds him dead and when she tells the police, the police says “A Royal, hun?”. This quote shows that even when Andy threw away his purple jacket, the police