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Being a teenage everyone always says, “I can’t wait to grow up and leave!” am I right? But how hard IS it really to become an adult? What’s the pros and cons of actually, “growing up”, well we are about to find out. Turning sixteen and above makes us think about graduating high school and leaving for college. How exciting right? I know in my mind I think about it all the time and I can’t wait to leave, because I’m an only child and I HATE not getting to do so many things! Being a teenager sucks at times, not getting enough piercings, can’t stay out hanging late, parents always being nosey in your business, when will it stop? Why can’t I turn 18 and be legal to do all those things, own a car, stay out late, ALL THE THINGS ADULTS GET TO DO. Us teens feel so limited. What are teens supposed to do? Why do they influence so many teen shows on television thinking we won’t want to go do the same things? For example, parents or adults complain about teens having sex, why do they have shows advertising it more and more daily? Little do they realize that the things we see adults doing, we do as well! At times though being young is great, no bills, no worries, everything is at the palm of our hands (some of us). Turning eighteen, yes the age everyone longs to turn. It’s exciting to say you’re legal to be on your own now! Making your own decisions, possibly living on your own, starting college, everything sounds so fascinating, but what comes with that? Phone bills, groceries,