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Comparing Kuwait and Colombia The first notable point of comparison between Kuwait and Colombia is based on both their education systems. Schools in Kuwait are divided into three levels: five years of primary school, four years of secondary school, and three years of high school. In contrast, schools in Colombia are divided into two levels, students study for five years at primary school and six years at secondary school. In addition, in Kuwait students have a three month holiday which is from June to September, in comparison the vacation in Colombia is only two months that is from June to July and from December to January. In Kuwait, student uniforms are not optional for all schools. Uniforms are enforced in public schools, but in private schools they are optional. Likewise, students in Colombia are required to wear uniforms. Students are provided with a good quality education system in both Kuwait and Colombia. However, in both countries there is only one similarity and there are a number of differences in the rules governing their schools. The second significant point for comparing Kuwait and Colombia is the comparison of daily life. People in both countries have their own daily customs. On weekdays, adults in Kuwait work hard from the morning to the afternoon. Also children and teenagers go to school during the same time. In addition, on weekends, usually people visit each other to have dinner or lunch, and have interesting conversations. On the other hand, Colombian people always go to church on Sunday, and work during the weekdays. The Colombian people enjoy the free time on weekends. Kuwaiti people spend their leisure time going to the beach and do numerous types of activities such as swimming, fishing, surfing, sunbathing, and many other entertaining things. Also, they like to shop in all the different malls to purchase whatever they think is worth buying. Similarly, in Colombia, people enjoy their free time by swimming in different beaches and going shopping. In Kuwait, there are many different kinds of celebrations that people celebrate with each other such as birthdays, parties, and weddings. For instance, most people prefer to celebrate birthdays at home because they get together with their relatives or friends. Unlike Colombia where they like to celebrate in different places such as bars, restaurants, and hotels. Furthermore, when