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Ariel Walker
Debra Dent
English 101
03 September 2013
Allison and Claire In the movie The breakfast Club eight students come together at Shermar to serve eight hours of detention. With each teen being from different cliques we can categorize them as the jock, the nerd, the prom queen, the criminal and the weirdo. As these teen embark on a detention filled Saturday they learn each other’s life and realize they aren’t so different after all. Two students Allison and Claire are the only two girls and soon realize that even though they are in different so called “cliques” not only are there major differences, but also major similarities. Let’s start off with Claire the pronounced prom queen. When we first met Claire being dropped off by her father in a very nice car. Claire had a conversation with her father about how upset she was about even having to serve detention and didn’t understand why he could not get her out of this situation. By this small conversation between Claire and her father we can conclude that this child is spoiled. She relies on her parents to get her out of tough situations, or maybe she is just a daddy’s girl. We don’t learn very much about Claire’s mother until later on in the movie, and even then she does not say every much. As the movie continues and the teens start to open up, we learn more about their social statuses. Claire being the prom queen was held to very standards by both students and teachers. Everyone counts on her being little miss perfect so when she starts to become friends with people that are not as high on the social ladder as her it scares her. She even admits that after this detention is over they should go about their own life, so obviously her social status mean a lot to her. A lot more than having true friends that actually cares about her. Towards the end of the movie Claire finally admits that she hates being popular, she hates doing everything her friends wanted her to do. Deep down inside Claire would much rather be a regular person, whose friends are not the reason she has to serve eight hours of detention. All in all Claire isn’t who we expected her to be, she hides a lot because she is being what she is brought up to be. Now let’s move on the Allison the pronounced weirdo. As Allison arrived to school in a fairly decent car, we don’t see or even hear from her parents. As Allison got out the car and attempted to say goodbye the car sped off. We don’t hear much about Allison’s parents until the end of the story where she mentions they barely speak to one another. Allison gives us the impression of her living being so miserable, dark and confusing. All we know about Allison is the information she gives us and for most of the movie she does not say much and when she does open her mouth we can guarantee its going to something unexpected and crazy. As far so social standing for Allison she is in her own clique. She does not mention much about having friends so from that we conclude that Allison is an outcast. As the movie moves along Allison opens up about why she was even in detention in the first place. What was her reason, she really did not have a good one but simply she had nothing better to do. Allison also opens up to all the things she has done, such as sex, drinking, partying, most of these things