Compare Othello And Hamlet

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Assignment, hamlet & Othello essay
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In 1600’s, Shakespeare writes famous tragedies, Hamlet and Othello, for few reasons: to entertain and to teach the audience who was lack of education. Shakespeare intelligently uses literature to shape people and habituates. In the plays Hamlet and Othello, Shakespeare demonstrates the psychological struggle of two men. In each play the protagonist is forced into confusion and ultimately a state of insanity. The role of man in each of the two plays is similar as well; they are objects upon which women vent their anger, as well as tools used to propel the protagonists into madness. Shakespeare, the cunning playwright that he was, was able to add analogous motifs into each play.
“See what a grace was seated on the brow Hyperion is curls (line 58)” mean his father represented that light of the world and special to hamlet, his fast he was goodness and the only way to see what was ready going on with his mother and his uncle wish was the aferd between them and helmet father also wonted him to know that his mother know the hold time what was going on and who kill hamlet father whish was is uncle and she didn’t say nothing.

“A bloody Dee almost as bad, good mothers as hill a hang and marry with his brother (line 29)”
Although helmet was angry at his mom for knowing that his uncle Claudius killed his father and didn’t say anything about her hunber death. She went right ahead and marries his brother and the reason why he did that was she was afraid for him and he know that he will kill anybody who came in his way for and she did wanted to die so the best this for her to do was to married hem wish was not a good thing. Hamlets is also saying that he looks at his mother as a good mother his whole life and just to find out that she not was disporting to him that was one of the reason why he was mad and angry and he didn’t know what to do.

What hamlet approaches his mother, and says “look here upon this picture and on this picture and on the counter fait presentment of two brothers here (line 56)” Hamlet has coroneted his