The Method Of Education

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Many still question what the most effective method of education for our children is. After so many generations, we still do not know the answer. However, people have many different opinions of how to raise their children. Generally, the old traditional belief was that children should be highly disciplined and given strict guidelines. That is how most of the older generation has been raised and taught, however, in this new era, it is quite the opposite. In today’s society, the children have their freedom and their choice to wear what they please, to eat, and to time go to bed at anytime they desire. Is this really a superior or healthier way to raise our children? Will it cause a larger majority of students to be successful in life?
Transitioning into the U.S. as a child, I haven’t attended school in Romania; however, my parents have shared with me their experiences as students while attending their school in Romania. the comparison to my own memories of school with my parents schooling, back in Romania, their was a big culture change for , can look at both the new generation of people and the old. One of the biggest factors of this debate is the method of schooling, which is different now than it was for my parents. As a result, we can see that people turn out different according to their schooling. School for me in America was very different from what my parents experienced when they were in Romania. My father shared with me his experiences of going to school there. I realized that the culture in Romania was very strict. The young people over there showed much respect towards their teachers