Compare The Purposes Of The Different Documents Used In The Selection And Recruitment Process Of A Given Organisation.

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Compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process of a given organisation.
Analyse/compare the use of the documents by the employee/employer in the selection process. Consider what Hammersmith Hospital use under the situations as outlined below:
Consider what is used before the interview
This factor would be what is the candidates CV, when hiring people you would need to ensure you only hire those with the highest grades as well as the most experience in the field, in some cases past experience is more important than overall grades since you would never know how they react until they are in a life and death position. With this in mind the CV skills and their application form will tell you a lot about who is looking to apply to the Hammersmith hospital since their grammar and punctuation will be analysed when you the employer read both their CV and application form. After both of these have been locked at then you can start thinking about who you may want to give interviews to since interviews are expensive since time as well as refreshments have to be provided this all adds up under costs the hospital will have to undertake in order to fill up their positions.
Consider what is used during the interview
The main thing used under interview are questions set by the employer for example who will the respond to different situations in the hospital, depending on how the employee answers it could lead to a good impression or a bad one, also dress code will be looked at the majority of times we are judged by the way we dress as well as the way we speak and how we interact with each other, therefore in order to ensure that your employee is of good use you will need to look at their dress code as well as the way they behave as well as talk if good eye contact is made as well as a high level of English skills then this could make a worthy candidate. The majority of work places give you dress codes which you have to follow the hospital can do this as well if they want, below is what the hospital can use. Men * Two-piece business suit, navy or dark colour * Long-sleeve, button-down shirt (white or blue) * Conservative tie (avoid cartoons or loud colours) * High-fitting dark socks (no white sweat socks!) * Business-style leather shoes; lace-up or slip-ons *