Compare and Contrast Breast Feeding vs Bottle Feeding Essay examples

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A plethora of questions and concerns arise upon confirmation of pregnancy; however, the decision on whether to breastfeed or formula feed an infant seems to be one of the more crucial decisions. Moms new to nursing a baby need all the information that they can get in order to help choose which method of feeding is more suitable, because every mother wants what is best for their child. Unlike formula feeding, the benefits of breastfeeding are substantial for both mother and baby. Moreover, choosing to breastfeed will lead to brighter, happier, and healthier lives. Infant nutrition is vital for growth and development. According to a Web page posted by KidsHealth, “Breast milk contains antibodies, lactose, protein, and fat…,” which are …show more content…
Breast milk is always just the right temperature and is available at the drop of a hat. If a problem with water arises, nursing moms are unaffected because water is not needed to feed their baby. The convenience of not having to make formula and the refrigerator space saved can be considered double or triple blessings by mothers who are nursing twins, triplets, or even more! Not to mention, nursing Moms will never have to check the expiration date or throw away expensive formula because their baby wasn’t hungry. Unfortunately, Moms who commit to formula feeding are faced with issues. For example, preparation is required. This includes: [sterilizing bottles and nipples to eliminate transmittable bacteria, sterilizing the water being added to the powder or condensed formula solution,…] and the list continues (KidsHealth). “Moms who opt to formula feed will also face last minute trips to the store to pick up formula, which can trigger conflicts with daily schedules” (KidsHealth). Additionally, store supply of formula always has a possibility of running out of particular brands. Imagine making a last minute trip to the store to pick up a can of Similac, only to find that the shelf where it normally sits is empty. Not only would a mother be confronted with having to possibly put her daily errands on hold while she drives around aimlessly on the hunt for formula, but she