Comparing And Contrast Essay And Macbook Pro Notebook Vs. AIU Online

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Compare and Contrast Essay
AIU Online

Software companies want the best products to sell in order to stay in business and remain productive. This organization is on the rise to find the most reliable and best personal computer for excelling students by comparing and contrasting the prices, performances and models from three different brands sold by the most popular vendors. Our company selected the Apple-13.3” MacBook Pro Notebook, the HP-Envy 15.6” Laptop, and the Dell-Ultra book 15.6” Touch-Screen Laptop. After careful reviews and investigations, the organization decided that the HP Envy Laptop was best for their excelling students’ organization.

With today’s era, companies strive to find the best devices to
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The HP model has a capacity to up to 8GB of memory and 750GB of hard drive (HP Pavilion HPE 2013). The Dell model has a capacity up to 8GB of memory and 500GB of hard drive (Dell Studio 2013). The MacBook has the capacity up to 4GB of memory and 500GB of hard drive (Apple 2013)
Conversely, the similarities in processor and memory of these computers are important to consider before any purchase. The HP and Dell models have Intel processors with a maximum of 3.46GHz; whereas, the MacBook has an Intel processor with a maximum of only 3.1GHz. What the MacBook does not offer in memory, it offers in processing, which is the computer’s ability to handle data efficiently. Looking at the technical specifications of any computer is a helpful practice for deciding if a particular model would be a useful addition to an organization.
Having carefully evaluated the similarities and differences of the HP, MacBook, and Dell computers in this investigation, it would be wise to select the HP Envy 15.6” Laptop for several reasons. In the area of brand, the HP Laptop has a strong reputation for both quality and productivity as a personal computer. This particular model was designed for students and to help people who are starting up business and home offices as well. As this company’s operations are project-based, the HP Envy Laptop suits the work environment of all the excelling students and also the staff. The price of this model is only moderately expensive and