Compare and Contrast Place Where People Live and Work Essay

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Compare and contrast
Place where people live and work

Student name: Li Mo (Zoe)
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Teacher name: Stewart Fraser
Due Date: 27 April 2013
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Question: Compare and contrast attitudes towards students working part time in your country and in the U.S.A. Use specific examples and provide appropriate evidence to explain your answer.
Part-time jobs now is very common for students in many countries, we can see a lot of job websites can offer various part time job for students, but there are some differences between different countries, especially China. The report will talk about part time job and compare and contrast the difference between Chinese and American
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Some data show that there are 20% of American college students choose entrepreneurship, in China, there only 1.6%(.
The biggest difference Chinese and American’s opinion on part-time jobs, Chinese educational concept has a great difference with American educational. The exam-oriented educational system makes Chinese students lack awareness of independence. They often study very hard, lack internal quality, it includes learning ability, work ability, and communicative ability…Which can only obtained through practice. In China, if a college student go to work with no related professional part time job, most people will consider he is living in a poor family, in traditional Chinese opinion, only students whose family are difficult in economic will do part-time job, and Chinese parents often think study score is more important than practice, if their children has free time, they must suggest their children study more rather than go to find a part-time job. They think work is unnecessary for a student. The situation is completely on the contrary in America, part-time jobs are very common in the United States students no matter their age, American parents and school students should afford the tuition by themselves, so