Compare and Contrast- Sherman Alexie Essay

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Compare and Contrast In Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Junior is a young American Indian that is shy and has low self-esteem, and has a few issues physically and his surroundings. He has a best friend named Rowdy. Rowdy is rude and has no emotion to any situation. What many people at the reservation don’t know is that Rowdy and Junior have real problems at home with their parents. The differences between Rowdy and Junior are the family and the personalities. One difference between Rowdy and Junior is their families. The way Junior was raised was completely different from Rowdy’s upbringing. Rowdy has a difficult life, his dad is always drinking. Junior states “His father is drinking hard and throwing …show more content…
(212) Rowdy would never accept when he cried or wouldn’t show weakness at all. The difference between two best friends can relate to many readers. For instance, I have a friend that is the complete opposite from me, but we get along great and are friends since toddlers. Rowdy and Junior have different upbringings from the families and different personalities. Rowdy’s parents are tough and don’t show love or care. Whereas Junior, his parents love him and will support him in anything. Even though Junior’s dad is a drunk and the mother was an ex-drunk, that doesn’t stop them from wanting the best for Junior. Those two characters are very different in families. Personalities are far different as well. Rowdy is a tough kid that is always angry and starts to make problems and school. He is always mean to Junior and any kid that messes with him or Junior. Because of all the bickering from the drunk father, Rowdy is angry all the time. However, Junior is a quiet person that is patient with many things. When he transfers to Reardan, Junior doesn’t speak much to anyone and says bad things about himself. Being different is a great thing in some