Essay about Compare the Business Model for Et Wal-Mart and Amazon

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Compare the business model for ET Wal-Mart and Amazon

Compare and What characteristics are shared? That are unique to and for that?

Going to both websites at first glance I noticed many similarities between and Both sites are online merchants that have been made by an identical model, where the menu of product categories on the left page margin. has 13 product categories or departments, as they call it on the page while has 12 categories (departments) and the last category, called christmas shop which means a category where there are seasonal products. In the middle of the page at the top of both sites have search engines for products that
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What online services can be purchased at

Online services which I found to be offered at free home delivery of drug prescriptions as well as subscriptions to a generic medication that can be purchased in their offer, which lasts 90 days. We also offer a subscription service on certain products, certain prices where they submitted all the costs of eventual failure of certain household appliances (TVs, cameras, laptota audio / video devices) bikes purchased in their store or online. This subscription is divided by product type and price range in which it is (eg TV, which costs $ 300 in some subscribe to the service)

Explore the options with international buyers at!

For now, international customers and customers outside the United States are not able to buy over the Internet shop Walmart because they do not deliver their products to people outside the United States.

Visit the Nike website store and analyze how the product can adapt to the customer and how much does a custom product? Answer the question, which justifies such a price correction?

By joining the Nike Web site gets the ability to enter the site called NIKEiD where you can personalize clothing shoes, accessories to your liking, and in some ways