Comparing Achilles And Gilgamesh

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King Arthur is known as a hero and over time a legend, with a story none have heard of. Just like King Arthur, there are other heroic legends, coming before him, each having their own unique tale. These heroes and King Arthur are similar in certain ways, however, they are different in the aspects of their actions along with what kind of hero they are. How these heroes act with the abilities they obtain affects the cause of how individuals came to idolize them and write about them.
There were lionhearted individuals that were from before King Arthur’s time, two of their names were Achilles and Gilgamesh. These two are often known as epic heroes in Literature, which are qualified by certain characteristics. Being glorified by people they saved, making ethical decisions, shows bravery through their actions, or risking their lives for the benefit of society and other
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Arthur’s legend has medieval setting, sharing the ideology set in that time frame. Achilles’ epic, on the contrary, has basis on both Greek culture and mythology, Achilles’s heel being a known myth in the present. Unlike Gilgamesh, Achilles does not hold the same title as Arthur, being king. Despite not being king, Achilles did believe in social structure and status, but did not fear breaking it, unlike King Arthur who knew his place as royalty. King Arthur is a hero praised for his morals and thinking, while Achilles’s mind constantly went to violence and wasn’t rational. Even when his beloved friend, Patroklos, died, he looked for vengeance with an unsteady mind. Although, King Arthur did not have clear thoughts all the time as the love triangle, he was involved in with Guinevere and Lancelot, did cause him to stumble. All in all, both of these heroes were great fighters and held that experience with their names, this shows qualities that King Arthur had in common with yet another epic