Comparing Act 1 Scene 5 Of William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Cray walked down the hall cautiously, starting to second guess her course of action as she tipped toed and creeped towards Minis’ room door. Clutching a rope she brought in case things didn’t go as hoped. Hesitantly but silently opening the door and finding Mini fast asleep. Cray walked in and carefully removed the lower end of the covers revealing Mini’s short thick legs accompanied by only a pair of plain white and green striped panties that covered the prize she sought after. She silently scolded herself and took her small delicate hands to the sleeping girl slowly removing the garments as to not wake her from her slumber. Mini shifted some and cracked open her eyes at Cray in tired confusion. Cray enacted the contingency, taking …show more content…
Cray allowed him and driven by her lust pushed her backside against him, subtly moving her hips. She looked up to smaller girl for permission, whom held her off looking at Vague as he teased and prepared their prize. Vague took his now erect erect and rubbed it along the now captive girls’ sex and slowly inserted himself, bottoming out as Crays body could allow, brushing her cervix and moaned quietly in her ear. Cray moaned, face contorting into delightful expressions bliss for Mini to watch, pleased by the image she let the girl free giving unspoken permission for the untrained pet to taste her. Cray went down and let her pierced tongue hang from her small mouth to lap the victim-turned-master slit. Mini braced herself as she felt the contrasting flesh and metal as the submissive girl lapped deep to enter her new master’s pussy with a hard lick, her small tongue passing parting lower lips and into her canal. Mini moaned and clutched her legs around the girl between the, in satisfaction, fingers curling into long hair pleased. Vague let his hands wander their roommates’ body, caressing her hips, thighs, ass, breasts and anything else he could reach. He fucked her with a demanding pace, utilizing