Essay about Comparing Agricultural Societies

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Comparing Agricultural Societies
Three different social organizations were described in these documents. These social organizations are the Germanic neighbors, the Gikuyu people, and the Taino. They existed in different time periods, had different religion belief and different living styles. The Germanic people lived during the first century C.E.. This organization was known as a pure race organization, it didn't mix with other races and everybody had the similar appearance. They celebrate Tuisco and Mannus as their founders. Tuisco was an earth-born god and Mannus was the son of him. Loyalty played an importance role in a battle; followers must protect heir chief and chief fights for victory. Marriage code in this society was strict; one husband and one wife. If a woman is caught of adultery, the punishment will be hard, expel from the house and flog through the whole village in naked.
Another social organization is the Gikuyu, which is during the early twentieth century. In this society agriculture and the rearing of livestocks became the main duties in people's daily living. In the household, men take care of all the heavy works such as cutting timbers and killing livestocks. Women take care of the lighter works and the field work are shard by both. Marriage code in this society allowed men can have as many wives as he wanted and women should be married in their teens. From boyhood to manhood, there are five stages. First is join the junior warrior. Second stage is celebrate about eighty- two moons. Third stage is marriage