Comparing Anne Frank 'By Annelies And Boy Who Dared'

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Courage and Determination of the Jews

While reading: Anne Frank's written by Annelies, Boy Who Dared written by Susan Campbell, and watching One Survivor Remembers, I can visualize the chaotic period of the Holocaust. All of the stories takes places in Germany Jan 30, 1933 – May 8, 1945. The similarity in these resources is about the jews being slaughtered by Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Another thing the books share in common is that the survivor will always have someone to aid them such as, Gerda having a support from her brother, Helmuth from Karl, and Anne from Miep. My statement will be about the histories of the holocausts, and about Hitler’s objectivity.
In the story of Anne Frank, by Annelies Marie is a story about a hidden jews in the attic